Raise Awareness for the Fight against Cancer

Leukemia is the most common type of blood cancer in adults. In a healthy person, bone marrow makes the blood stem cells that mature into infection-fighting white blood cells, oxygen-carrying red blood cells and blood-clotting platelets. Leukemia interferes with this process and hinders production of infection-fighting white blood cells.

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It takes only one to match

As bone marrow matches are dependent on genetics, ethnicity is a key component to finding a match - it's especially challenging for South Asians to find a match.

Some people have such a unique tissue type that there might only be one match for that person on the entire The Match Registry®. YOU might be someone's miracle match!

How many of us will ever have the opportunity to save the life of another human being? It is a rare gift for both the donor and the patient. And in some cases, you might be the one and only person who has a matching tissue type for a particular person.

This is your chance to be a hero! Will you save a life?
Be the Match Registry

Be the Match Registry

  • Simple cheek swab
  • No blood test unless you're a match
  • You pay nothing
  • Anyone in good health between
    18-60 can join
If you're the match

If you're the match

  • Outpatient procedure
  • Two possible methods: marrow or PBSC donation
  • Minimal side effects
South Asians and Leukemia

South Asians and Leukemia

  • Current registry - only 1% are South Asia
  • Pay it forward... you can save Sonia's life AND others suffering from leukemia